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Back in 2006, aged sixteen, I took on my first 'Sound No1" role: cutting my teeth as a FOH operator in theatre, progressing through my teenage years into music touring and eventually to my time at the University of Surrey; graduating from the Tonmeister Programme in 2011.

Since leaving the IoSR at Surrey, I have worked extensively in live and recorded television audio, toured as a monitor engineer and technical manager for live music and festival runs, mixed and dubbed films and television series, and produced live sessions and live tour DVDs.

In addition to my work as a sound operator, I run a software company (that BAFTA now recommend for use in TV production) which I called RIMMS for a joke, and it caught on. Also, I occasionally grace the stage or studio as a drummer or keys player with artists including Cass Lowe, Tommy Ashby and Alex Vargas, and I build touring MIDI, instrument and audio systems for UK music acts such as Jack Garratt, Emeli Sandé and Tinie Tempah. In fact, for the next few months you can catch me playing keys around European festivals and headline dates with Alex.

Between all this, I'm doing my best to annoy all my friends periodically with the best joke I heard on Radio 4 that week, learning how to code in SWIFT and ObjC, and plotting a potential emigration to somewhere more sunny and less cripplingly expensive than Islington.

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