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touring production

audio, playback & instrument systems design, technical musical consultancy


I find myself regularly designing Ableton, playback and complicated instrumental/midi systems for acts such as Eméli Sande, Jack Garratt, George Ezra, Jehnny Beth (to name a few), and I lend my nerd-skills to acts such as Alex Vargas and Jagaara to not only musically direct their arena appearances, but put the bands, and all their onstage-tech together.

These days I am primarily an audio engineer, but the two and a half decades I spent playing music (from youth orchestras, to sell-out arenas) equipped me with an unique selection of skills that have proven to be valuable for a huge number of artists and acts.


These days, I rarely head out on the road on the touring production side of things, but it does mean that when I walk into an arena show as the Sound Supervisor, I can have conversations with the crew and musicians on a level that very few other broadcast engineers can have. And this is why I'm constantly requested to be the audio engineer of choice for the "Live Specials" of huge and exciting touring productions, and why artists are trusting me and my teams as consultants to get the best results from their live-broadcast festival sets.


For the fun of it, there are some photos from my touring days below...

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