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music for broadcast

mixing, systems and planning for large-scale TV and cinematic music events

Shane, remind me what I do in the chorus...?

You raise me up

The key to captivating a live audience for a music event, even when they're not there in the room, is always the quality of the audio: that delicate balance between pristine mix, and 'vibe'; the caputuring of not just the performance, but the experience and the feeling of being there. 

There are hundreds of fantastic music engineers working in the UK who can take raw sources from a stage and craft beautiful band mixes, and there are maybe a dozen TV Sound Supervisors who can make crowds sound really energetic around dialogue for comedy shows and variety programmes.

There are, however, only a few pairs of ears around who have an intrinsic ability and understanding of both the live music and the broadcast worlds, having lived and breathed them both, and I'm very lucky that a good number of producers and engineers alike consider me to be one of those nerds.

There's a little selection below of some of the broadcast music events I've been lucky enough to be a part of...

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