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Full disclosure: I sort of have a third kind-of-job-thing, on top of the Engineering thing and the Musician thing.

My software company is called RIMMS, and it's a system I came up with whilst I was mixing sound on a series called "Educating Yorkshire" for Channel 4 in the UK. It was always a pain in the arse for me as a sound mixer knowing who (of a cast of around 200) was wearing which of our 24 radio mics at any point in time since the turnaround between storylines on observational documentary shows is mental.

I had a think, and I went away and conceptualised a system for tracking microphone allocation in real time and for the editors who are also picking apart a multitrack record.

I took the idea to a friend of mine - Adam Dunbar - who runs a software development firm in my hometown, and between us we designed and built the first iteration of the RIMMS system. A few months later, we had whet an appetite in television production for doing things digitally and utilising tech such as iPads for automating production procedures.


So, we went away and built an extension on our system to take care of release forms on location. The system works online and offline anywhere in the world and runs on a cloud-based database management system that has been built ground-up by our team. Now our little project has gained global recognition and we are recommended by BAFTA for use by all TV productions; what started as a little, digital aid-memoire, has now become a worldwide operation.

You can find out all about the company on our website at, or get in touch with me and I'll gladly tell you more! If you ask really nicely I'll even tell you why it's got such a frankly ridiculous name.

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