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Film Student

entertainment television

sound supervising, systems guaranteeing, and crewing

Live, Studio, and Outside Broadcast Entertainment TV is a funny-old beast. There's nowhere you can train any longer and it's become a bit of a dying art since the closure of TLS / London Weekend and the decimation of staff BBC audio teams. 

Handling the challenges of these environments requires a broad range of experience both operationally and theoretically. The introduction of a single Wireless Camera to the setup, for example, instantly requires that the programme audio be delayed to match that delayed camera, and that the other cameras are delayed to match. But then talkback to presenter's ears, and foldback between presenters and feeds to PA, must not be delayed. Add on to this a need for radio mics to work across a few areas, or some funny acoustics in the room, or a need for loud speech at a comedy show, and suddenly you're in a quagmire of complication. 

Thankfully, this is the type of problems we LIVE to solve! Whenever you've something coming up that might be a little bit complicated... we can help!

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