Writing website bollocks has proven the single-most cringe-inducing task I think I may ever have performed, so I'll warn you... eventually I gave up trying to be professional...

Hello, welcome; I'm Ollie.

I work 310 days or more most years, jumping regularly between Television Broadcasting and Music touring whenever someone I think is lovely asks me to come on board with something that sounds like it might be a giggle.

I graduated the Tonmeister programme at the University of Surrey in 2011 and have spent the 8 years since hassling all the clever people around me to teach me the things they know, and now I'm in the fortunate position of being able to take on some exciting projects that I never knew I'd have the brains or the credentials to pull-off.

Whether I'm "Audio Guarantee" for the final of Love Island UK or for the worldwide transmission of Fleabag from the West End live to cinemas world-wide; or getting sweaty dancing my tits off at a monitors console for an artist I'm excited about; or even locked in a dark, dank rehearsal bunker MDing and rehearsing a band up ready for arena shows; I like to think I'm good company, good fun and good at my job. But mostly good company.

Have a click around if you're not bored to tears already, and if there's something you fancy doing together, let me know.

Oliver Audio Limited

Trading as: Too Loud Enough

For the services of Oliver Waton