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Jack Garratt x Jim Beam x Blogotheque

Audio Planning & Design / Mix (stems) / Musical Director / Drums
This is Blogotheque's mix, but if you want to hear my mix, let me know and I'll send it you

Hello, welcome, I'm Ollie...

Writing website stuff has proven the single-most cringe-inducing task I think I may ever have performed, so, bear with me...

Mostly, I collaborate with musicians, production teams, TV people, web content creators, and other associated certified nerds in order to put music in front of cameras and make it sound excellent.

Whether it's getting a music festival onto the telly or technically producing beautifully choreographed set-pieces, I lend my brain, ears or both to projects that involve nice people and a good challenge.

And with that I bring to the table the experience of 25 years as a musician, 15 years' touring, and 10 years making award-winning television.

People always ask me what I 'do', and there isn't an easy answer...

And then, if and when there's no music being made in front of the lenses, I busy myself making all kinds of other television formats as a sound supervisor and systems engineer, mixing or technically-managing television and live broadcast events; little things like Love Island, the 6Nations Rugby, and National Theatre Live!

Sometimes I'll go out as an MD, keys player or drummer when someone REALLY nice asks...

Have a click around if you're not bored to tears already, and if there's something you fancy working on together, let me know: it'll be fun.

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