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specialist broadcast audio services for music, live events, reality, and light entertainment
TooLoudEnough is me, Oliver (Ollie) Waton, and the crews that I assemble for telly and music projects around the world. Under my supervision, we are entrusted to deliver world-class audio for live, studio, reality, game-show, late-night, prime-time and variety tv formats.

It's me!

I, myself, am lucky to have a uniquely broad skillset that spans arena touring as a drummer, keys player, and musical director...
...sound-supervising, guaranteeing, and technically-managing audio for international sporting events such as the Olympics, FA Cup Football, and World Championchips Althetics...
...mixing live broadcast music at world-renowned pop music festivals, global streamed arena show specials, studio recordings, and classical orchestral radio programmes...
...and heading-up the audio departments of globally-recognised factual, reality, late-night, stand-up, game-show, talent-show, daytime, and entertainment television formats.
I'm passionate about people, music, and great-sounding results, and the range of work that I've been fortunate to undertake in my immensely varied carreer-to-date has given me a versatility and integral understanding that is unique in the broadcast audio industry. I'm as comfortable being the Engineer-In-Charge of a 40-camera outside broadcast, as I am sitting down and mixing a 200-input music show live to air.

With the fabulous girls and guys who join me on each project, we deliver exceptional audio solutions for anything broadcast, and anything music. And I'm immensely proud that I've had the priveledge of bringing trainees from all walks of life into my audio teams, actively working to change the stereotype of the 'sound-man' that is so prevelant in UK television.

Whether it's studio shows, live-to-cinema stadium events, music festivals, reality tv, theatre, stand-up, live-sessions, or something else; if you need it to sound great, you're in the right place: Drop me an email or give me a call, and let's do something fun.
Wht We Do

John Adams - Multicamera Director, UK

“Ollie is top of his game.  

His understanding of audio and up to date technical knowledge of the business is second to none. He is hugely talented on the faders, is a strong and positive leader and always puts together a top team.

Regardless of what the show is....with the name 'Ollie Waton' on the call sheet you know it will sound great!"

Ollie's Bio

I'm Oliver Waton, hello!

I've made my living as an audio engineer and musician since my first ever day's work. In fact, making things sound good in some way or another is the only thing that I've ever been paid for.

Starting out on drums and percussion aged six, playing for big bands, concert bands, orchestras from the age of eleven, and even heading out on my first international music tour as a solo percussionist at the age of fifteen, music is now well-and-truly in my bones.

At school, I fiddled for months with mixers and microphones for various productions, and at sixteen I began working as crew in my hometown theatres . With a hugely encouraging boss, I was able to specialise in audio, and found myself mixing FOH for sellout shows and pantomime runs before I had even left school. All the while continuing to play drums around the world with a premium function band whenever the opportunity arose.

Oliver Waton

At eighteen, I zipped off to study the Tonmeister Programme at the University of Surrey. I carried on working in London as a drummer for up-and-coming artists, and I produced & recorded a pool of incredibly talented musicians on the same course. Occasional tours of the UK and Europe as a drummer and Musical Director kept Summers and uni breaks busy, and if I wasn't touring, I'd spend every free hour fixing album recordings for artists I'd reached out to, even producing full orchestral sessions for Musical Theatre records and one-shot, special "Live Session" films.

When graduation came around, my drums & microphone habit meant I really needed to go and get a 'proper' job. Thankfully, an opportunity arose to join the audio crew for NEP UK (Roll to Record at the time) on Big Brother where, training under Peter Vasey, I dove head-first into broadcast audio systems and supervising; an incredibly niche skillset that has become so integral to my work in the years since.

Between 2011 and 2018 I was incredibly fortunate to be in an enviable freelance position that allowed me to work my way up the ranks, guaranteeing and supervising international television projects such as Love Island, Big Brother, Ibiza Weekender, Six Nations Rugby, the Queen's Birthday celebrations, and much more. And because it was freelance, in the Summers I could continue to tour with music acts around world; production managing, musical directing, tour managing, drumming, monitors engineering, keys-playing and bass-playing for artists such as Jack Garratt, Alex Vargas, Jagaara, and more.

I'm now privileged to be one of the few chaps probably on the planet who get to juggle all my absolute favourite things to do, and earn a living from it. I seem to get the phone-calls both when big or beautiful broadcast events begin to take shape, and when little music projects need a certain skillset.

With my extensive musical background; the breadth of my electronics, acoustics, systems and infrastructure knowledge; and now with my trusted team of ladies and gents, I do my best to make audio the least stressful, but most cared-about department in your production.

Wh am I?
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