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Writing website stuff has proven the single-most cringe-inducing task I think I may ever have performed, so, bear with me...

Hello, welcome; I'm Ollie.

People always ask me what I 'do', and there isn't an easy answer...


I'm a television sound supervisor and systems engineer, a live production creative, a musician, an MD, a production manager, an occasional TM, and a software business owner.

Essentially I'll lend my brain, ears, or both, to projects that involve nice people and challenging work.

I graduated the Tonmeister programme at the University of Surrey in 2011 and have spent the 9 years since hassling all the clever people around me to teach me the things they know. And now I find myself consistently taking on exciting projects that take all the brain power and creativity I can offer.

Whether I'm "Audio Guarantee" for the final of Love Island, or for the worldwide transmission of Fleabag live to cinemas; mixing live TV such as "The Circle (UK)" or the 6Nations Rugby; getting sweaty dancing my tits off at a monitors console for an artist I'm excited about; or even locked in a dark, dank rehearsal bunker MDing and rehearsing ready for arena shows; I like to think I'm good at my job, good fun and good company.

Have a click around if you're not bored to tears already, and if there's something you fancy doing together, let me know.